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The Seller’s Step-by-Step Guide to Putting a House on the Market

Selling a home can be both an overwhelming and complicated project but with a little attention and care it can also be an excellent financial opportunity. The things that a seller does when preparing for their sale can greatly affect the profit they end up making. At the same time, the seller does not want to spend any unnecessary money that will not increase the home’s overall value.

Find a Real Estate Agent

The first thing most sellers will want to do is find a qualified real estate agent. The agent will be able to direct the seller in advance before the seller makes any decisions. Real estate agents can discuss the current state of the seller’s property and the seller’s neighborhood and help the seller determine whether now is actually the right time to sell. Often, it may not be the optimal time or the agent may be able to tell the seller specific ways that the seller can increase their profit.

Do the Repairs

Before any renovations take place the seller should do repairs as necessary on the property. These can be small things such as leaking pipes that the seller has been neglecting or larger things such as issues with the foundation. The seller should do repairs before renovations because otherwise the repairs can disrupt the renovations or the seller could run out of money before ever completing the necessary changes. Not all repairs are necessary for the sale of a house so the seller can consult their real estate agent on what they believe is essential.

Renovate if Necessary

Many home renovations can greatly increase the property’s value but how much the owner will actually make as a return depends on many factors. This is another area in which the advice of a real estate professional can be valuable. A kitchen renovation can increase the value of a home in one neighborhood, but it may price the home out of the market in another neighborhood because there is an upper limit on what most people will pay in specific areas. The renovations that are most likely to increase the value of a home are kitchens, bathrooms, paint and flooring.

List the Property

Once the property has been appropriately managed it’s time to list it. The real estate agent will handle most of the work at this stage. The property will be listed on the real estate market listing indexes and most real estate agents will also advertise it either through their personal website or their agency website. Today, many real estate companies also advertise their open listings on online classified websites for further exposure.

Once the proper timing has been determined it is often not that difficult to sell a home. Selling a home depends a lot on the current market conditions and the amount of work and money the seller wants to put into the home. With the proper guidance, most sellers will be able to sell their home without too much frustration and hassle.

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